Santa Auto Arm Magnet
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This   ARMagnet is for the left or drivers   side. 


     An    ARMagnet is a life size magnetic graphic that goes on    your vehicles door or any other metal surface.     Armagnets are made from the finest quality magnetic    vinyl and rated for highway speeds.  These 22.5"W x    15"H flexible arm magnets are printed with UV    resistant inks.  This UV ink will protect against fading and our arm magnets will not harm your cars paint.  Choose from the top teams and the top leagues in the    country!   ARMagnet is the hottest item   for  any sports fan!

     An    ARMagnet comes in a Brand NEW 3 piece    design.   When each of the 3 interlocking pieces are displayed on a car door, it appears like an extension of the drivers arm.  The NEW 3 piece design also    allows you to mix and match pieces of different    Armagnets to come up with your own custom    design.  Show your Team Spirit.  Order an    ARMagnet     today.





Santa Auto Arm Magnet

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